The company´s history started in 1993. During its existence, it established a relationship with tens of thousands of candidates and solved more than 3,000 orders. In addition to job placement, the company also offers other HR services.


Relationships with clients

We have an extensive network of managers and specialists from Moravian-Silesian companies and more than 700 other clients. We also cooperate with high schools and universities, regional development agencies and other partners. Specialist Service assists regional actors and new investors in the recruitment process of key employees.


Our own know-how

We invented our know-how ourselves; We were the first in the Czech Republic to start using competency models instead of “flat” job descriptions. We have introduced behavioral interviews, using MBTI and as one of the few we have a license to do so.


Honesty & fairness

Our work is built on a high level of trust between us, our clients and candidates. We work with sensitive information and protect it from misuse. When searching for suitable candidates, we guarantee the anonymity and confidentiality of the conduct. Our honesty and fairness are the basis of trust, without which it cannot work in our


Our work´s got a purpose

We connect businesses with individuals and help both sides to succeed. We are not a recruitment agency to employ and assign people to companies. We offer job placement in companies that are looking for core employees with all the resulting benefits. Such work makes sense to us.


Your success is our success

We rely on quality and customer orientation. We build relationships on WIN-WIN basis. Every satisfied client can give a good reference about us to others. This is the best form of promotion, as evidenced by many thanks and recognition of satisfied clients.