Self-development, self-knowledge and coaching

Try to think what you can get for 2000CZK investing them in


A) dreadlocks on one half of your head (whole head costs 4000 - 8000CZK)
B) 67 beers
C) branded jeans
D) an activity for personal development (career counseling and coaching, psychodiagnostics, preparation for a job interview)

Choose an alternative allowing you to buy in the future what you need now!



"The man who does things makes many mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all - doing nothing." (B. Franklin)


On our website you can find necessary information on the preparation for a job interview. We are aware of the fact, though, that healthy self-confidence is crucial during the whole selection procedure. We offer you a unique chance of gaining it! It goes without saying that practice makes perfect and therefore we offer you individual training of job search techniques and preparation for a job interview.

This individual service is provided to job seekers after a preceding consultation. Both the content and the length of the training are adapted to your needs. 

The training contains:

  • Writing your CV and cover letter
  • Preparation for job interview (if required including video recording)
  • Submitting information on the job market, wages etc.
  • Possibility to be combined with psychodiagnostics and career coaching




  • increase of your self-confidence regarding the job interview based on the practical training
  • support of job seekers in their further career growth
  • getting general knowledge of the job market
  • increase of self-confidence and motivation when searching a job




"Unless we understand ourselves, there is no use trying to understand the others." (Anonymous)

 Psychodiagnostics of work potential, managerial potential


Based on your personal needs we propose a battery of psychodiagnostic questionnaires and performance tests thanks to which we can describe your work or managerial potential. The testing takes about 2,5-3hours with the output of a written report and interpretation of the result.



"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." (C.G.Jung)


We are the only certified workplace in the Moravian-Silesian Region, trained in the OPP Ltd. Headquarters in London. We will be happy to share the unique knowledge with you. Together we will find your strong points that we can endorse and development aspects we can work upon.

MBTI typology is a method which:

  • can be applied on general public
  • will help you with your self-knowledge and use of your potential
  • will help you get to know the others and understand their behaviour and acts
  • is easy to understand and use in everyday life and work
  • will help you with problem solving, improvement of team work and communication, coping with stress etc.


What can you learn about yourself or the others?

  • your preferences, i.e. what manners are characteristic for you
  • where you take your energy from and where you aim it
  • which kind of information you prefer and believe
  • how you make decisions
  • how you organize your life and work




  • understanding how these preferences influence your concrete cooperation and relations with other people
  • understanding things stressing you
  • better handling of conflicts and understanding others



Individual feedback based on MBTI includes:

  • filling in a questionnaire (online) in different language mutations
  • individual feedback (using an exercise book, English possible)
  • plan of further personal development in the area of effective communication, improvement of decision making and team work
  • career counseling