For Employers

We provide services to companies in the Moravian-Silesian Region and adjacent districts of Zlín and Olomouc Regions. We focus on the recruitment of managers and specialists for companies in the Moravian-Silesian Region and we do not engage in agency employment nor arrange part-time jobs.

We provide complex staff recruitment for new investors and other consultancy services in the field of human resources management (ranging from Competency models through Talent Management Programs to Outplacement). In terms of HR services we are also fully active on the international scene.


Staff search and selection

Our more than fifteen-year long experience in the field of recruitment of managers and specialists make us one of the best recruitment agencies in the Moravian-Silesian Region. We use competency approach that we apply both in the area of consultancy for our clients and in the human resources work itself.

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Competency model

Competency models describe competencies, i.e. skills, experience, personal characteristics necessary to perform a certain job.

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Assessment / Development Center

Assessment/Development Center is applied not only for staff selection but also for the identification of employees´ potential. Assessment/Development Center enables valid evaluation of competencies necessary for quality job performance.

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We offer a traditional psychodiagnostic testing of work and managerial potential. 

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Teambuilding program is aimed at the development and reinforcement of the team performance. The core of teambuilding lies in identifying the team´s strong points and areas for further improvement.

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Audit of human resources management

Audit of HRM is a tool diagnosing, verifying, describing and evaluating the system of human resources management in the company. It allows analysis, evaluation and lasting improvement of individual areas of HRM system.

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Outplacement covers services for employees made redundant due to company restructuring, or consultancy for management of companies in the process of restructuring.


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Staff views survey

PStaff views survey gives the company managers structured and objective information about the views of a representative sample of employees in a very short period of time. 

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Training programs

We have prepared several interesting training programs and courses helping to improve staff selection and evaluation and make them more efficient. These programs also focus on personality testing and development of soft skills. 

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