Assessment Center and Development Center

Be yourself. Imitating others will take you nowhere. (J. Riddestrale)

Assessment/Development Center is used not only for staff selection but also for the identification of the employees´ potential. Assessment/Development Center (AC/DC) enables valid assessment of competencies necessary for good performance.





Our agency designs AC/DC according to a competency model of the given position. AC/DC focus on the assessment of required key competencies. They include individual and group tasks, i.e. model situations, role playing, case studies (either adapted to the client or newly created with regard to the company culture and values), psycho-diagnostic testing and competency-based interviews.




  • elimination of risk of selecting an unsuitable candidate
  • submitting valid information primarily on the candidate´s behavior and attitude
  • identification of the candidate’s potential (for the purpose of promotion or career planning)
  • own practice-tested methodology using the best experience from abroad, know-how of expert consultants and psychologists from the Specialist Service a RPIC-ViP Group when assessing and interpreting results
  • sufficient consultancy capacity in case of more AC´s/DC´s at a time and testing of a greater number of employees and candidates
  • professional preparation and training of assessors on the side of the company - client



Reference provided upon request