Staff views survey

There is no such thing as a bad answer, only a smart question. (Aristotle)

Staff views surveys will provide managers with structured and unbiased information about the views of a representative staff sample in a very short period of time.

The staff view survey guarantees respondents´ anonymity and at the same time gives a valuable set of information. The survey organization itself is carried out in cooperation of the agency and the client - by means of online or paper questionnaires should the employees not work with PC.




Detailed survey results are presented to the company’s management in the form of an analysis including strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for improvement. The overall survey results are also presented in an agreed structure to all the company staff.

The survey can be followed by communication workshops with selected work teams.




  • improvement of communication and corporate culture, i.e. awareness in the company, support of communication between employees and management
  • reinforcement of employees´ loyalty towards the company
  • improvement of some HR processes, e.g. staff selection for training programs, giving feedback
  • obtaining information on what motivates employees



Reference provided upon request