Those who have left your company still represent it. They can bad-mouth it or praise it. (J. Welch)

Outplacement represents services for employees that were made redundant for restructuring reasons. It ensures mediation of employment or assistance during search for a new job, personal career counseling or psychological support. At the same time it provides counseling to the management with the restructuring process and communication strategies or counseling in the sphere or labour law. 





For employees made redundant for restructuring reasons 

  • mediation of employment or assistance during search for a new job
  • personal career counseling
  • psychological support
  • training of job search techniques (orientation on the job market, writing CV, preparing for a job interview) enriched by soft skills - communication, presentation
  • financial consultancy


Consultancy for the company management in the restructuring process

  • design of the company communication strategy
  • Labour-law consultancy




  • reinforcement of the reputation of a socially responsible employer that is important for the image of a good employer but also for good relations with local authorities and other institutions
  • facilitation of the recruitment process of a new labour force in the future
  • positive impact on the motivation and efficiency of work of existing employees



Reference provided upon request