When working on collective tasks, friends are much more efficient than acquaintances. (J. Riddestrale)

Teambuilding program is focused on the development and improvement of team performance. Its aim is the identification of strong points of team work and of areas for improvement. The teambuilding program is always tailor-made according to the client’s needs.




It consists of both indoor and outdoor activities (of an adequate level for a given group). In addition to this there is always a bloc dedicated to self-knowledge, getting to know the others and personality typology, social strategies, communication styles, managerial competencies etc.

We can use the diagnostic CA method thanks to which we can gauge the group´s dynamics and factors improving the group, motivating it or on the contrary slowing it down and making it weak.




  • improvement of performance of the whole team as well as individuals with the use of the CA method - Softskillers
  • improvement of team communication and information sharing process
  • uniting the team, building relations in case of personnel changes or teams expansion
  • design / creation of a common aim



Reference provided upon request